Disney’s Planet Challenge – 2006 Champions

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George Town Primary , St. Ignatius Catholic School & John Gray High School

In 2006, grand prize winning students for Disney’s Planet Challenge included the Year 3 class from George Town Primary School, Year 6 class from St. Ignatius Catholic School and the Year 11 class from John Gray High School. 
Winning classes showed exemplary environmental skills in championing projects that included recycling and making new items out of old ones, repurposing an abandoned area by planting a garden and reaching out to the world about other uses for six pack soda rings through the class’s own website.  Each class winner excelled in addressing existing environmental issues through utilizing classroom subjects such as math, science and language arts while also engaging the local community. 

Winning Projects

The Third-year class from George Town Primary School learned how to turn simple objects, which might have been discarded, into fun and useful craft projects such as piggy banks made out of recycled bottles. 

The Sixth-year students at St. Ignatius Catholic School repurposed an abandoned section of their school yard turned it into a community garden for all to enjoy. 

The Eleventh-year students from John Gray High School, also known as the John Gray Recyclers and one of the most recognized recycling groups on the island, focused the Cayman community on recycling six pack soda rings.  Through their website, they enlisted both islanders and others outside of Cayman in their quest for recycling the rings.  Their website and enthusiasm even garnered the attention of an Ohio artist who created a large scale art installation out of their recycled materials.  



 Honored Students

Year 3 Class, Georgetown Primary                       Year 11, John Gray High School

 Teacher: Mrs. Jasmine McFarlane                               Teacher: Mrs. Christine Whitehead

Principal: Miss Marie Martin                                          Principal: Ms. Debbie McLaughlin

    Aleks Becksford                                                       Allison Anglin
    Venia Cornwall                                                       Sherelle Clarke
    Armorya Crawford                                                       Patrianna Ebanks                
    Michael Douglas                                                       Thresia McLean 
    Cassandra Jacson                                                       Brittany McVicar 
    Chelsea Johnson                                                        Xiomara Parchment                
    Dylan McLaughlin                                                        Kelia Scott 
    Brittany Parasamigan   
    Tyrik Taylor   
    Zachary Wright   

 Year 6, St. Ignatius Catholic School

Teacher: Mrs. Maria Kennedy

Principal: Ms. Jennifer Paul-O’ Donnell

    Jaryd Bodden          Richelle Hew
    Antonia Borden          Emily Kelly 
    Brandon Bravo          Ann Kinch 
    Sean Broderick          Tyler Lee 
    Alice Brown          Louis Mathai 
    Naija Chung          Claire-Louise McGrath 
    Sawyer Clements          Caelan McLaughlin 
    Gemma Cowan          Alexa McLay 
    Mario Franco Dadal          Melanie Moore 
    Alora Davis-Myles          Gabriello Moya 
    Lucy Day          Matthew Mudeen 
    William Dennis          Brandyn Murray 
    Nicholas Dibb          Ashley Osborne 
    Abagail Drummond          Jordan O’Connor 
    Avery Ebanks          Shannon Pollard 
    Matthew Ebanks          Rayvon Pryce 
    Shinead Ebanks          George Rankine 
    Shekela Eliott          Caitlin Scott 
    Hollie Fenton          Shennique Seales 
    Kadija Ferron          Shanika Smith 
    Kyle Fraser          Tatiana Steward 
    Briony Gallegos          Roberta Testori 
    Brenda Gonzales-Espinos                      Jonathan Thompson 
    Andrew Greene          Natalia Thompson  
    Paul Hammersley          Nathan Trumbach 
    Angel Hawkins          Katalina Watler 
    Chloe Hawkins          Shanice Wright