Disney’s Planet Challenge 2007 Champions

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St. Ignatius Catholic School and Cayman Prep & High School

In 2007, grand prize winning students for Disney’s Planet Challenge included the Year 3 class from Cayman Prep and High School and the Year 6 class from St. Ignatius Catholic School, both located in Grand Cayman.  Winning classes showed exemplary environmental skills through innovative and impactful projects that included radio announcement encouraging the protection of endangered animals and visits to local parks and coral reefs to explore the native environment.    

Winning Projects

The third-year class from Cayman Prep and High School learned more about the importance of clean water by taking field trips to local parks and exploring the area’s coral.  Through their art class, they designed a coral reef replica using recycled materials. 

The sixth-year students at St. Ignatius Catholic School were able to reach out to thousands of Cayman residents by scripting and recording a series of radio announcements focused on environmental issues that were broadcast daily over Cayman radio.  Through their radio announcements, they were able to raise more than $600, and contributed this to the Cayman Wildlife Rescue to further advance environmental protection.   

Honored Students Year 3, Cayman Prep and High School  

Teachers: Ms. Brenda Bryce and Ms. Tessa Mae Baker

    Maya Ambekar          Morgan Lloyd 
    Ben Ashman         Ramon Martinez 
    Brian Bodden          Halle Medina 
    Joshua Bolland          Drew Milgate 
    Dominic DaCosta          Theodore Nielsen 
    Myles Dawson-James          Duncan Petrie 
    Matthew Elphinstone          Isabella Rooney 
    Nicola Robin Galvin         Samantha Smellie 
    Ryan Kirkaldy          Rebecca Southway 
    Jacqueline Lanzoni-Rivers                  Caitlin Westerborg 

Year 6, St. Ignatius Catholic School  

Teachers:  Ms. Maria Kennedy and Mr. David Hammersley

    Natasha Alagaratnam          Krista Kelehar
    Alexandra Anglin         Ryan Kyberd 
    Sydonie Barrett         Kenya McDermott 
    Gianna Bolen         Ann-Alecia Moore 
    Arielle Boswell-Gibbons                      Shaquille Morgan 
    Bronwen Burke          Julian Moxam 
    Tiana Bush          Giovanni Myrie 
    Corie Carby          Alex O’Keefe 
    Coutney Couch          Brooke Parchment 
    Katherine Duffy          Britteny Purcell 
    Chelsea Duty          Chynna Retumban 
    Chelsea Ebanks          Ella Robertson 
    Lisa Evans          Jason Robinson 
    Sarah Fawkes          Ashley Scaletta 
    Aisling Fleming          Alexandra Stasiuk 
    James Foster          Sydeny Stewart 
    Lee Girvan          Deandra Thompsan-Ebanks 
    Parker Godwin          Koshy Thoppil 
    Matthew Harrison          Carla Watler 
    Kenzy Huizenga-Wright          Daniel Watler 
    Heather Jackson          Arianna Wheeler-Seijas 
    Jonathan Jackson          Jonathan Whittaker 
    Ronan Jennings          Asha Wilson 
    Isaac Jones          Allen Worm