Innovative Hull Coating Helps Conserve Energy and Protect the Environment

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At first glance, Disney ships are beautiful featuring sleek lines, classic twin funnels and color schemes reminiscent of Mickey Mouse himself.  But one of the most interesting ways Disney Cruise Line ships are helping to support the environment is actually under the surface of the water. In a first for the cruise industry, both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder have been treated with a unique hull coating that is both energy efficient and completely non-toxic.  

The durable coating improves the hydrodynamic characteristics of the hull and increases fuel efficiency.  

“Since it creates a smooth surface on the hull, this coating helps the ships glide more easily through the water,” said Bert Swets, Vice President of Marine and Technical Operations.  “And since we don’t have to push the engines as hard to get from one place to the next, we can actually run with reduced propulsion power.  That helps to both save energy and conserve fuel.”

Being non-toxic, the coating is also effective in prohibiting corrosion and resisting barnacle formation while providing a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings and paint.  The coating does not emit solvents or residues during its application, regular cleaning or ongoing sailings, and has an expected life of 25 years at sea.     

Combining innovation with environmental and energy efficient technologies, the hull coating is just one factor in making Disney Cruise Line ships environmentally friendly from bow to stern.