A Dozen Dream-y Views

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New Disney Cruise Line Ships Take Guests on a ‘See Cruise’

World Views – While London may be an ocean away from Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream guests, it’s also as close as the Magic Playfloor of Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Disney’s Oceaneer Lab on Deck 5, where children will fly above the streets of the city with Peter Pan … Meanwhile, adult guests can peer through the “windows” of Skyline, a lounge in the adult nightlife district on Deck 4, at the skylines of cities around the world. The view changes daily, with lighting reflecting changing times of day.

An Ocean View for All! – Eighty-eight percent of the staterooms on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream—1,100 of 1,250—are on the outside of the ship. But 100 percent of the staterooms have an ocean view, thanks to industry-first Magical Portholes that provide a real-time look “outside” … plus an occasional visit by a Disney character friend (no need to worry: that starfish can’t really see you—the Magical Porthole provides a one-way view).

Views from Verandahs – Fully 70 percent of the staterooms and suites on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream feature a private verandah, all the better to catch an ocean breeze during a “see cruise” beyond the blue horizon.

Balcony Views – The ambiance is rich and luxurious, the views great and the shows family-friendly and memorable in the Walt Disney Theatre. The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream rendition of the ornate showplace features approximately 300 of the theatre’s 1,340 seats in a balcony accessible from Deck 4 (orchestra seating is from Deck 3).

View from Above it All – Three “decks” above the top deck (13) of the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, next to the aft funnel, is the entry to AquaDuck water coaster, a twisting, turning ride complete with drops, uphill acceleration and river rapids during a 765-foot-long journey in a clear acrylic tube spanning four decks and offering adventurous guests breathtaking views of the ocean and ship below before finishing with a splash down on Deck 12.

Commanding View and Cooling Libations – Perched high onboard on Deck 13 forward is an outdoor bar named Currents that is a great lookout spot to see the glorious sea, to glimpse the shore and to relish a golden sunset—all with a refreshing, icy-cold drink in your hand.

Premier Views in Living Color and Sometimes 3-D – At the Buena Vista Theatre (entry on Decks 4 and 5), cruising guests are treated to first-run Disney motion pictures—coincident with their general release—including eye-popping 3-D productions, all in a plush environment reminiscent of lavish, art deco movie palaces of the 1920s and 1930s.

Views Beneath the Sea – Guests dining at two Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream restaurants are treated to scenes of colorful coral reefs. In the re-imagined Animator’s Palate, guests witness a magical transformation that surrounds them with scenes of a vivid undersea environment. It’s as though the restaurant has been transported to the ocean floor—and the LCD screens on the restaurant walls are windows providing incredible views of a colorful coral reef and creatures that reside there. In Cabanas, two huge mosaic walls portray Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and characters from the Disney•Pixar animated film “Finding Nemo.”

Views into Living Artwork – Bordered by frames throughout the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream are what appear to be oil paintings, photographs, animation cels and more … until an admiring guest is present. Then, this Enchanted Art comes alive. The “artworks” are actually framed LCD screens. Guests may see new and different animations each time they visit the Enchanted Art pieces.

A View of a Magical Day – Mealtimes at Enchanted Garden celebrate the passing of a day in an idyllic environment inspired by the gardens of Versailles. During breakfast and lunch, guests get the sense that they are in a conservatory with a blue sky above. During dinner, the restaurant is transformed into an enchanting evening scene with lights “in bloom” and a twinkling, star-filled sky.

Dive-in Movie Views – Donald’s Pool, one of three freshwater pools on Deck 11, is a gathering spot for families looking for some splashing-good fun … or to watch a movie.  Above the pool, atop the forward funnel, is Funnel Vision, a 24-foot-wide-by-14-foot-high jumbo-screen television that features Disney classic animated features and live-action movies. Popular TV shows and major sporting and broadcast events also are featured throughout the day. Guests’ Personal Navigator (available onboard) include the most accurate schedule and show times.

Views of Animated Movie Characters in Interactive Real-Time – Crush of “Finding Nemo” fame is one turtle that really gets around—right off the “big screen” of the Disney•Pixar animated motion picture and into the role of an interactive animated entertainer at mealtimes and playtimes aboard the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. He “swims the room” of Animator’s Palate during dinner from his undersea domain on the other side of the restaurant’s LCD screen “windows” … and chats, plays and jokes with kids in live, unrehearsed conversations from a 103-inch large-screen TV in Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Disney’s Oceaneer Lab. Another animated visitor to the youth areas is the impish alien character Stitch from the Disney•Pixar hit motion picture “Lilo & Stitch.”

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